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Women face unique professional challenges in Hollywood. There’s plenty to lament about. But that misses the point and the opportunity. There continue to be enormous and unprecedented prospects for women in Hollywood.

Sherry Lansing. Amy Pascal. Nora Ephron. Laura Ziskin. These are merely a few of the women in Hollywood celebrated for being among the most powerful and influential in the business.

The baby boom (and the silent generation just before) may have triumphed beyond anyone’s expectations, even their own. There are woman studio chiefs, heads of production, and high-powered producers, in addition to the emerging power of talented writers and directors. Cable and Television are woman-rich. Oscar broadcasts have been dedicated to women; reporters all over the world cover women in Hollywood.

And that’s just the beginning.

You may soon join the burgeoning ranks of successful women in Hollywood. Nevertheless, the path to success is fraught with pitfalls and hard lessons. We offer a few insights that may help women navigate their path.



In Memoriam

Debra Hill
November 10, 1950-March 7, 2005

Hill/Obst Collaborations:
Adventures in Babysitting (1987)
Heartbreak Hotel (1988)
The Fisher King (1991)

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